End-user Education

End-users across functional areas have information and knowledge gaps on the potential benefits of efficient motors that need to be addressed.

  • Top decision makers are unaware of the energy, emissions, and cost saving potential of energy-efficient motors within their plants and lose this huge opportunity due to lack of information.
  • Project and purchase managers lack the tools and data needed to accurately assess lifecycle costs. This often leads them to procure new motors that have less upfront costs but tend to be less efficient. Having the tools to determine long-term lifecycle analysis could lead to more efficient purchase decisions.
  • Plant energy managers lack the tools and knowledge to reliably assess the energy savings potential of efficient motors. With this information, managers could present a bankable business case for replacing or upgrading existing motors and motor systems.

Creating Awareness Programs

These gaps of information, knowledge and/or ability can be addressed by creating awareness programs in conjunction with:


On-the-job practices and measurement experience in motor-system energy optimisation techniques


In-depth technical classroom training


Support from training content in the form of practical tools, guides, reports and manuals

Measurement and Verification (M&V) training can ensure the dependability of the projected energy savings in the business case for investment.

Supporting End-users Over Time

Furthermore, programs should support end-user companies by creating motor management policies that will systematically transition to higher-efficiency motors and systems over time. Such a policy would typically specify:

  • Consideration of energy efficiency and lifetime costs, while procuring motors and drive systems
  • Rules for repair/replace decisions when motors fail, incorporating energy savings considerations
  • Requirements to prevent loss of efficiency due to improper installation
  • A spares stocking policy
  • Guidelines for ensuring professional motor repairs with no loss of efficiency
  • Motor data management and analysis
  • Motor surveys and tagging
  • Motor inventory analysis
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance schedules

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