Electric Motors Repair

Electric motors that fail during operation are often repaired rather than replaced. This process is often repeated up to three times during a motor lifetime that can often extend to forty years or more. Often, motor repairs are carried out in small to medium sized workshops with inadequate equipment, processes, know-how and missing quality standards. This occurs more frequently in developing countries. The efficiency of the aged motor, which is already low compared with today’s standards due to its dated technology, deteriorates even further in each repair cycle.

Typical Reasons for a Reduction in Motor Efficiency After Repairs:


Source: U4E Motors Policy Guide

Improving Motor Efficiency with Industry Best Practices

The efficiency of the repaired motor would be maintained or even improved if the repairs were carried out according to industry best practices. As the cumulative energy losses for the vast installed base of motors are significant, repair practices are a fit area for policy interventions, which could cover the following:

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Training materials and facilities
  • Financing schemes for equipment up-gradation in repair shops

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